A Helping Hand For Domain Transfers

Domain Robot

So you’ve decided to join the movement against your old fashioned, SOPA-loving (or not loving, or maybe loving), redneck domain registrar — but are not quite sure how to transfer your precious domains. Never fear, we’ve created a special automatic domain transfer service just for you. iwantmyname aims to make domain management painless, simply fill out the form and let us deal with all the messy details.

Unfortunately transferring a domain from one registrar to another is not always a straightforward exercise. However, our team of industry veterans are expert in untangling red tape and solving life’s little administrative problems. Provided you are willing to supply us with access to your existing account, we can handle everything for you. That leaves you more time to spend enjoying your holidays!

What can we do for you? First we will send you a quote for the cost of transfer (you get a 12 month extension with each transfer). Once you agree to the quote, we contact your existing registrar and gain all the required codes and permissions to make the transfer of your domains. Of course we will also migrate any DNS settings, so you get a completely seamless changeover. We’ve included a detailed FAQ on our domain transfer page in case you have any questions or concerns.

Remember, at iwantmyname we will never try to up-sell you with stuff you don’t need, plus we make domain and DNS management a breeze with our clean dashboard and simple one-click DNS set-up on your favourite hosted apps. Want to find out more? Here are some testimonials from our many happy customers. Welcome to the movement!