Make A Move For Good

We’re starting a movement and here’s why. Recently you may have become aware of a list of corporations that are supporting the so called SOPA legislation. SOPA proposes much stronger responses for countering illicit trade in intellectual property, including far reaching measures that could impact a wide range of online service providers and indeed disrupt the safety and trust within the entire domain name system. We’ve been following the debate around SOPA from here in New Zealand, because it also potentially impacts on global Internet companies like ours.

Artists, developers and other creatives certainly have a right to be fairly remunerated for their work. But the SOPA legislation, in its current form, has huge negative implications for digital innovation and personal freedoms globally. The Internet evolved largely on the basis of trust and openness and we get nervous when governments and corporations make up more rules that threaten those freedoms. If 2011 taught us nothing else, it was that the Internet has become the global vanguard of social democracy and a force for good. Let’s not give up those rights without a struggle!

A lot of good people are voting with their feet now and saying hey we don’t want to support big companies that are against Internet freedom. It’s hard to believe that any company would undermine the very industry that it purports to enable - but it seems to be the case. So if you have strong views on this topic and you are thinking of transferring your domain portfolio to a company that respects Internet freedom and opposes censorship, we’d love to hear from you.

Update: In case you need a hand making a domain transfer, we’ve set up a free domain concierge service to alleviate any hassles.