A Christmas Cracker


It’s hard to believe that 2011 is already drawing to a close and even if you don’t celebrate Christmas in your household, you are probably finding yourself swept up in the “spirit of Christmas” as we stumble headlong towards the holidays. Here’s some digital gift giving solutions to make your Christmas go off with a bang.

Studies have shown that kids spend 96% of their waking hours bug eyed in front of a computer screen these days, so base your gift purchasing decisions around feeding their online addiction. You’ll instantly become their favorite aunt/uncle whilst saving your shoe leather from miles of exhausting mall marching. SmallWorlds and Minimonos are fantastic, safe browser based games that have millions of teenage players globally. Set up a funky game character and drop some credits on the account for in-game purchasing of digital merchandise. For young readers and learners, check out 8Interactive’s outstanding talking books on both iOS and Android. Great distractions for long car trips and waiting at the doctor for inoculations.


For adult friends and family what could be more personal than a new domain name managed right here at iwantmyname? Traditionally, most new family blogs are set up over the holidays when Mom & Dad are busy snapping photographs. So it’s a great time to give away a domain name Christmas present. Got friends or family setting up a small business? Grab an appropriately branded domain and get them set up online with all the best business apps. Remember we offer almost 100 different domain extensions to choose from and easy one-click DNS setup for the best hosted apps.

After the gifts are revealed and everyone’s feeling a little fatigued from too much egg nog and brandy infused Christmas pudding, grab your favorite web device and escape to a quiet spot for some online Christmas entertainment. We heartily recommend Gizmodo for irreverent (and sometimes mildly disturbing) holiday reading for geeks. Gizmodo is the home of the Lego Yoda Santa, so it must be cool.

Have a safe and happy festive season everyone!