What's Your Point Of Difference?

When we share with others about the product we are building at iwantmyname, we often hear the question – “what’s your point of difference?” There are dozens of resellers in New Zealand and literally thousands of domain registrars globally, so it’s a really good question that challenges us every day.

In the early days of the industry there were only a handful of domains and a single service provider. But by the time the new millennium clicked over management of domain registration had become fully commercialised, with a regulatory body to make rules and adjudicate. Early players at the table became entrenched and the industry saw little innovation for the following decade. We wanted to change that.

In the last two years we pioneered the concept of an app marketplace and one-click DNS set-up on your domain. That was a first for a New Zealand domain registrar, not to mention the fact that iwantmyname offers a huge selection of almost 100 different domain extensions. Another recent development involved offering managed DNS hosting, a service we also make available to customers of other registrars. We also use Twitter extensively as a support channel across all our sites globally and consistently aim for high satisfaction rates amongst our customers, many of whom have become friends.

We are constantly reviewing our product offering in response to customer feedback and we have an ongoing product development roadmap to keep us busy, including big plans for a redesign and some cool new features for our search interface later this year. Watch this space!