Use !bang Commands To Manage Your Domain Names

One of the primary goals at iWantMyName is getting out of the way of our customers when it comes to purchasing and managing domain names. We're also big fans of search engine DuckDuckGo which inspired us to add some special sauce to our domain search, called !bang commands.

Using these !bang commands, you can easily add DNS records or other services such as Amazon S3, Github Pages or Tumblr to your domains directly from the search box on iWantMyName homepage. The following !bang commands are currently supported:

  • !edit — brings you to the domain status page where you can edit all settings
  • !dns — forwards you to our DNS manager for adding new records
  • !nameserver — allows you to update the nameservers for a domain
  • !transfer — immediately starts a domain transfer to iWantMyName
  • !hostdns — creates a zone on our nameservers to host any external domain
  • !updatewhois — change the whois data for a particular name
  • !gapps — easily set up Google Apps for your domain
  • !s3 — lets you add Amazon S3 to your domain or subdomain
  • !github — adds Github Pages
  • !tumblr — adds Tumblr

Pro tip: DuckDuckGo !bang command chaining

DuckDuckGo users can also use !bang command chaining, for example try entering "!iwant !nsupdate" in the DuckDuckGo search field and you will end up at the nameserver update page in your iWantMyName dashboard.

We will be constantly adding new commands to our domain search and would also love to hear your suggestions in the comments.