10 Startup Weekend Resources


This year iwantmyname has been involved in supporting Startup Weekend events around the globe. We are also giving away some domains so that each team has a digital coat hanger to anchor their web venture upon.

Here’s a bunch of article links that we thought might be useful for the entrepreneur teams and others too:

  1. How I Launched A Profitable Product In Three Hours – Amir Khella
  2. How To Get Your First 1000 Users – Vinicius Vacanti
  3. TechCrunch on the “Appification” of the Internet – Ben Keighan
  4. Startup Toolkit – Steve Blank
  5. Minimum Viable Product – Eric Ries
  6. How Free Web Services Make Money – Andrew Chen 6. Riding The Wave – Paul Spence
  7. The Age of Relevance – Mahendra Palsule
  8. Reid Hoffman’s 10 Rules of Entrepreneurship – Anthony Ha
  9. Contrast – A Great Design & Usability Blog
  10. If I launched A Startup – Startup Lawyer

But for all the wisdom and buzz encapsulated by great blog articles and cool events for entrepreneurs, there’s nothing like just getting out there and doing it! Build and test your product in an iterative way and keep an open mind. Good luck.