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iwantmyname is a pure domain management service offering domain registration and DNS hosting.

Why iwantmyname?

We believe that any person, organisation or company should have complete control over their web address. You should be able to own it, use it the way you want and move it if necessary. This can all be achieved by registering a domain name.

Until now, the process of buying and managing domains has been far too difficult, confusing and non-transparent. Consequently, we have set out to create a much better experience for domain seekers in order to make it simple to find, register and set up domains.

With iwantmyname you can purchase hundreds of international domain extensions and easily connect your web addresses to the best web apps and services from all around the internet.

Domain management ethics

At iwantmyname we will NOT:

Every domain registered with us supports a global aid initiative.

iwantmyname team in France

Lenz Gschwendtner Lenz Gschwendtner (Director) is a true geek. Before iwantmyname he was CTO of united-domains and responsible for domains at Lycos Europe. Lenz likes Perl, Erlang and life in New Zealand.

Timo Reitnauer Timo Reitnauer (Director) spent 5 years at German ICANN registrar Key-Systems in various business development positions. He loves dreaming up new products, the internet and Wellington.

Paul Spence Paul Spence (Director) is our Kiwi co-founder and our fearless General Manager. He enjoys writing and has a background in science and technology commercialisation management.

Rob Ramsay Rob Ramsay is a web-developer interested in design and Unix-systems, with a background in electronic engineering and research. He's slightly mad about music, and loves travelling, DJing and going to gigs.

Manuela Vetters Manuela Vetters (Director) is our domain transfer guru with both registry and registrar experience and the patience of 100 Zen masters. She gets very...expressive without her morning coffee, but we promise she won't bite.

Chris Hall Chris Hall is our incredibly handsome content and product developer, working round-the-clock to wax poetic about domain names, web services and the delightful people who use them.

'Ley Missailidis 'Ley Missailidis can be found in and around Vancouver, Erlang/Elixir conferences, and places where coffee permeates. He also likes tea and commonly communicates through koans.

Melanie Baker Melanie Baker is the internet's fun aunt and our support chief during North American business hours. She also writes a fair bit, embraces a good craft beer, and tries to keep her dog from eating unfortunate things.

Nik O'Donnell Nik O'Donnell is our Australian bridge of empathy between our customers and the codebase, so we're calling him a Customer Support Engineer (so fancy!).

Kevin Layshock Kevin Layshock dreams up singular designs and usable interfaces between calculated sips of locally roasted coffee, leisurely comic reads, and manic sitcom marathons.

Stefanie Winkelmann Stefanie Winkelmann is our Eurozone support chief, and also practices the dark arts of product management. Occasionally she receives marriage proposals from customers. When not working, she runs a lot and tends her tiny urban farm.

Merlene Paynter Merlene Paynter is our support chief during New Zealand business hours and is our domain transfer ninja. She's usually surrounded by books, gadgets and coffee cups. She also acts as concierge to a very large puppy named Ziggy and a pair of grumpy senior cats.

What people are saying on the web

Loved by 100,000+ customers worldwide

"I've been through lots of domain registrars. A few years ago I decided to try out several that were recommended. It didn't take long for me to decide iwantmyname was my favorite. I really love iwantmyname because it makes managing DNS as simple or as advanced as I want it to be. With a whole host of installable DNS rules for popular services, spinning up a new domain or managing an existing domain is really straightforward. I've never felt the need to look anywhere else!" - Kent C Dodds
"We've been with iwantmyname for 2 years and while we use several registrars for our portfolio of domains, iwantmyname has been the most straightforward to work with and it Just Works™. No arbitrary limits, no endless upsells, and even the billing is in our native currency which saves us a lot of headaches."Peter Cooper
"It took about 30 minutes to move 15 domains to the soothingly spare site iwantmyname. It’s easy, even for techno-dummies like yours truly."Heath Brothers
"I trust my domain there - if I had any problem I could actually contact someone, who would have access to systems and can make the magic happen."Mike Schroll
"I use IWantMyName, and highly recommend them for very simple and straightforward domain purchasing and management."Lance Wiggs

New York Times Logo "Registrars like iwantmyname...try to simplify the domain management process and go out of their way to guide you through it."

GOOD Logo "They make it easy to buy, and the interface is really user-friendly. The site’s clean design features an abundance of white space and a straightforward directory to help get what you want quickly."

Forbes Logo "5 Reasons You Should Leave GoDaddy (And How): This site tries to make the front end as simple as possible"

Webhostmagazine Logo "For their bringing together multiple Web development tools under one roof, iwantmyname receives an Editors' Choice Award"

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