Hi there

Where to begin, where to begin. iwantmyname was created in 2008 by Lenz, Timo, and Paul in Wellington, NZ, with a ton of help from some dedicated people interested in creating a better domain registrar. We started in a house, moved to a tiny office by a good beer place, then to a larger office by another good beer place, then embraced the cloud and went 100% remote (now we can work in beer places).

It's unclear if we have a common set of core values, but we're together in wanting to deliver a simple product without any gotchas, supported by people who actually know a thing or two about domains. We're made up of pet parents, kid parents, world travelers, drink drinkers, food eaters, people people, and computer people. And we're scattered all over the globe now — a tiny army of domain enthusiasts who are really interesting at dinner parties.

"Hey, what's your favorite TLD?"

"I, uh..."

"I know, it's hard to choose just one. You've got old gTLDs, new gTLDs, ccTLDs... it's really crazy these days."

"My... my phone is buzzing. I need to take this call outside."

"Cool cool. I'll catch up with you later."

Chris Hall


team lead / creative director / used to be ranked #99 in the world at Mario Tennis Aces
Melanie Baker


support / writes all the documentation / most conversations end with something about Canada
Stefanie Winkelmann


support / does a lot of the backend TLD stuff / makes it known that she's ruthlessly efficient
MJ Brodie


support / finance stuff / really likes pinup fashion and airplanes
Andray Demoise


support / very intense about most things / doesn't sleep enough
Kevin Layshock


design / illustration / probably would've been a painter if he was born before computers
Rob Ramsay


sys admin / developer / does this suave baritone thing that makes his kiwi accent sound pretty irresistible
'Ley Missailidis


developer / has a growing collection of tiki mugs / wears suits most of the time
Nik O'Donnell


developer / does some support stuff / has a lot to say about space if you get him a drink