Hi there.

iwantmyname was created in 2008 by Lenz Gschwendtner, Timo Reitnauer, and Paul Spence; three brave individuals who set out to un-suck (they used a different word at the time) the domain industry. Today, we’re a proud part of CentralNic, one of the biggest names in the industry, leading the charge for simple designs and straightforward processes.

Our team is entirely remote, working from home offices, breakfast tables, and the occasional park bench in all corners of the world, and we continue to do our best to not work in our pajamas. We’re also a team of very real individuals—our NZ/AU-based support team is a fantastic resource for solving problems and answering any sort of questions you may have, and our product manager, Chris Hall (which is me, the writer of this page... I've been at iwantmyname since 2013) would be delighted to talk about ways we can make the site work better for you. (Seriously, here’s my email address.)

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